Our "Tail"

Hey there! We are Saint Rocco's Treats.
Our Founders:
Kolby is a rising Senior at Penn State University majoring in Finance. Kaleb is a rising Sophomore at Temple University majoring in Sales & Marketing.
Our Why:
Growing up in a family with dogs has been one of our greatest joys. We learned a lot while working for our dad, he taught us about running a business and the complexities of the dog treat industry. When Covid 19 took the world by storm, we both lost our internship opportunities. We wanted to find a problem to solve and do good for our local community. After several weeks of research and hard work, Saint Rocco's Treats was born!
Our Mission:

Bake fresh and high quality dog treats that are delivered direct to consumer, straight from our ovens to your front door. 

Our Impact:

How do we do good for our community? For each pound of treats you purchase from Saint Rocco’s Treats, we vow to donate $1 to a local dog rescue. Do good for your pocket book, your dog, the community and try us out today.


We are excited to have you join us on our journey, welcome to the Saint Rocco's family!

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Email: info@saintroccostreats.shop

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Hand made dog treats

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Why Saint Rocco's Treats?

Saint Rocco is the patron saint of dogs.
He lived in the 14th century during the bubonic plague and spent his days treating people back to good health from the deadly disease. After years of helping others he contracted the plague and was on his deathbed. While he was on his deathbed, a stray dog began to bring him bread and lick his wounds each day. Miraculously, the dogs' efforts saved Saint Rocco’s life and they became best friends for life. Saint Rocco’s story is the inspiration behind our brand and company.

Our mission is to bring you closer to your best friend through our amazing treats and help dog lovers find their next furry friend through our donations to and connections with local dog rescues. Live like Saint Rocco today, buying 1 pound of our treats equates to 1 dollar donated to a local dog rescue!

Join the 


Anybody can join, email us at info@saintroccostreats.shop a picture and/or video of your furry friend wagging their tail, jumping for joy and enjoying their newest Saint Rocco's treat!

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