About Our Treats

What makes your dog treats better?

We bake hand made, meat based, high protein dog treats with NO chemical preservatives and we use ONLY human grade ingredients.

How should I feed your treats?

Feeding instructions for our treats are dependent upon the weight of your dog. You must ALWAYS feed our treats as exactly that, a treat. They should not be fed as a meal and should never exceed 10% of your dogs daily diet. Our treats are high in protein which is excellent for muscle growth and energy but too much protein can lead to fat.


Follow our lab approved guide below to ensure you are always feeding your furry baby the right way!

5 to 10lb dog: 125 to 300 calories total per day to maintain weight

Our treats: 1 strip or 2 cubes a day

11 to 25lb dog: 300 to 750 calories total per day to maintain weight

Our treats: 1 strip or 3 cubes a day

26 to 35lb dog: 780 to 1050 calories total per day to maintain weight

Our treats: 1.5 strips or 4 cubes a day

36 to 50lb dog: 1080 to 1500 calories per day to maintain weight

Our treats: 2 strips or 5 cubes a day

50lbs and up: 1500 calories+ per day to maintain weight

Our treats: 2 strips or 7 cubes a day

What is the shelf life of your treats?
Our treats have a shelf life of 2-3 months after you receive them! The best place to store our treats is a dry and cool storage place in your house, like a pantry or cabinet. You can elongate our treats shelf life by placing our treats in a Ziploc bag and putting them into a freezer, this will keep our treats fresh for up to 6 months.
How and where do you make your treats?

We mix and bake all of our treats in a commercial kitchen located in Sellersville, PA.

Within this commercial kitchen we have all the essentials to bake the treats that will leave your puppy's tail wagging! 

Each of our treats include only 4 ingredients:

1. our human grade protein which is either beef or chicken.

2. our dry mix which includes Potato starch and our homemade secret seasoning

3. our wet mix which is olive oil

4. the many tasty inclusions we offer: Bacon, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Peanut Butter, Honey, Pepperoni and Cheese. 

We complete our process with a little bit of love baked into each dog treat we deliver fresh to you and your furry friend!

About Our Donations

Where do you donate your $1 for every pound of treats you sell?

This is our favorite question to receive because it is the true mission of our business. When we founded Saint Rocco's Treats we didn't just want to make money, we also wanted to make a difference.

To do that we vowed to donate $1 for every pound of treats we sell to a local dog rescue. Since our inception we have sent over a thousand dollars in donations to Phoenix assistance Dogs. Phoenix Assistance Dogs is a dog rescue located in Reading, PA. Their mission is to rescue dogs and train them to become service dogs for people with disabilities. Help us make a difference today, your wallet, the community and your dog will thank you for it!

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